DE Process Information

Paperwork Process for Dual Enrollment

Counselor’s Responsibility
  1. Ensure students inquiring about Dual Enrollment signs the transcript roster and check the appropriate participation category.
  2. Ensure students meet the GPA eligibility requirement
  3. Ensure that Drake’s Courses are appropriate and available (Drake State will set up Courses for DE)
  4. Counselors should assist students with Drake State’s Online Application to ensure it is completed correctly.
  5. Show students where they should access Drake State’s and School System’s DE paperwork
  6. When students return completed packet, review for accuracy and add transcript
  7. Sign appropriate form
  8. Have Principal sign appropriate form
  9. Submit completed packets to DE coordinators

Student’s Responsibility

  1. Drake State Online Application
  2. Statement of Eligibility, ACCS approved with Drake Logo
  3. Registration Form
  4. In State Residency Form
  5. Copy of ID (See List of ID Approvals or INOW with Photo ID)
  6. Make sure that you have the appropriate persons sign forms (ex. parents, counselors)
  7. After forms are complete, take to high school counselor for review.
  8. If entering 12th grade must provide ACT/SAT scores or take placement exam at Drake State. If enrolling in a general studies course, must provide assessment benchmark scores.


School System Dual Enrollment Coordinator Responsibility
  1. Will provide final review of packets
  2. Sign appropriate form(s)
  3. Have Superintendent to sign appropriate form(s) if applicable
  4. Contact Drake DE Leader to pick up completed and signed packets

Drake State Responsibility
  1. Drake DE Leader and Team should check packets for completion and only submit completed packets to Admissions
  2. Drake DE Leader should coordinate with admissions
  3. Admissions process begins
  • Students will be notified of eligibility  
  • Students will be notified of the mandatory DE Orientation
      4. Drake DE will monitor student progress